April 2024

After another busy year of happy holiday makers we have been down and done a bit of work ready for the 2024 season. There was a problem with the window in the second bedroom not shutting properly – due to it being left open, blowing back in the wind causing the hinge to buckle. This has been addressed with new hinges and we took the decision to add a window stay (restrictor) to stop this happening again and as there is a big drop from it to the patio below, it will make it safer if children stay in that room – the window will still open just not so far! Also the Juliet balcony doors have been adjusted to further stop winter draughts.

Our Welcome sign was missing, we found it damaged in the sideboard, so it has now been repaired and stuck back up again! The amenity pack has been upgraded and we now give you complementary Cornish Fairing biscuits, to go along with the tea, coffee, sugar and fresh milk left for your arrival. In May last year we also had the kitchen splashback tiled, keeping it trendy!

Just before Christmas we had a water leak from the apartment above – luckily our cleaners found it and managed to get it sorted without too much damage, just a stain on the kitchen ceiling which has now been decorated out! We think the newly restuffed sofas and new padding/covered dining chairs look and feel great certainly adding to your comfort. Along with the new king mattress in the main bedroom, all is ready for your stay.

We have purchased some new games and left 3 Ordnance Survey maps for guests to use. Bought a new saucepan set and tided up the cutlery drawers. We do love hearing all your comments..so keep them coming! Have a fabulous holiday everyone…….